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PAELLA Saturdays

We are proud to bring you our Paella every Saturday! Prepared in a gigantic Paella pan in the back of our building, customers can order the seafood, mixta, chicken or the “house” varieties of this delicious dish. Every Saturday cooking the House Paella. Seafood, Mixta, Chicken and Vegetarian Paella needs to be pre-ordere.


Spanish "Bocata"

Our "Spanish Baguette Sandwiches" are literally the talk of the town! These bocatas are made with imported bread from Spain (Non-GMO and all natural) and typical Spanish ingredients. The “House Bocadillo” is most popular while the Imported Serrano Ham and Bonito tuna sandwiches are close seconds. Our Bocadillos are available Mondays through Saturdays for your enjoyment on our patio or for takeout.


Our Tasting

We offer a taste of many of our gourmet offerings every Saturday. Come and try a variety of our charcuterie, cheeses, olives and other delicacies while getting your shopping done. Please check back on this site or our Facebook page for periodic wine tastings. We proudly feature some of Spain’s best wines from every region and appellation.


Our Patio

A tent covered patio is located outside to the right of our building and it is landscaped with potted plants, bougainvilleas and a water fountain. This tranquil and relaxing atmosphere is perfect for you to enjoy your meal. For a taste of Spanish cuisine at a reasonable price and a place to find unique Spanish gourmet foods, an afternoon drive to La Española Meats is worth the trip.


Flamenco Show

The last Saturday every month: Flamenco (two sets) Gitana Blanca "Al toque" (guitar): Ricardo "Al cante" (singer): "Fragua"


Know us

If you love Spanish food and are living in the LA area, then a trip to La Espanola, one of only four Spanish cured meat producers in the United States should definitely be on your to do list

Know us

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A lot of Saturdays we realize tasting of our products delicatesen accompanied of the best Spanish wines.
The last Saturday every month: Flamenco "La Blanca Paloma".

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Every day of Monday to Saturday, to eat in our terrace or carry. They see to taste the flavors of our Spanish earth.
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Every Saturday servings of our delicious "Paella de la Casa". If you want to enjoy our Paella de Pescado, Mixta, Pollo or Verduras, you need to pre-order


Nuestra Ensaladilla Rusa

Este mes podemos disfrutar en nuestro Deli de la tipica Ensaladilla Rusa tal y como se hace en España. Ven, todos los sabados del mes la podrás disfrutar junto con un plato de jamon y queso y un buen vino español.

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